Rule The State

RTS_Kindle_Cover_EDITAt the beginning of the 1920s Scotland is an independent socialist state. Tom Reid is the editor of the Reformer, the official newspaper of the Glasgow Workers’ and Soldiers’ Council. He is approached by Sarah, Campbell’s ex-girlfriend, to publish an article which she hopes will alleviate some of the suffering still felt by the war and flu epidemic but it only angers McNicol, the interim leader of the ruling Coalition. Reid is sacked but begins a clandestine affair with Sarah. With elections looming, people and politicians jostle for positions and Reid must now choose carefully as well as conceal his affair, particularly from his best friend Campbell who still harbours feelings for her.

Rule The State is the second part of the September 1919 trilogy. Reid gets caught up in the political and personal machinations leading up to the election of the Coalition leader. Some seem more certain of the outcome than others but no-one foresaw the turbulent start to the New Year…

Rule The State is available in ebook format for Kindle (£1.99) and can be downloaded here. If you don’t have a Kindle you can download a free Kindle reader app for any device here.