Kindle CoverA story that is written down is a re-telling of an event that may or may not have happened. If the event did happen then the story is merely a representation. If, as it seems more likely, the event did not happen, then the story is a lie.                                                               Mendacities by Alec Beattie. Short stories suffused with untruths – dead foxes, malicious cats, and lost ghosts. Featuring deceptive people too – the extraordinary, the everyday, and the ill-fated. Mendacities is a diverse mix of tales that takes an indirect look at life and people, with a sense that any attempt at closure is an illusion.                                                                       Available in paperback (£7.99) and for Kindle (£1.99) from Amazon                      Available in all other ebook formats (£1.99) from smashwords                                        One of the stories, Pandataria, can be read here.