Build The State


As the Great War enters its fifth year, Tom Reid, like tens of thousands of other soldiers, deserts with his intention of returning home to Scotland. Europe, exhausted by war, now faces a ferocious influenza epidemic, and when governments use military force to control their people, revolutions erupt everywhere. Reid meets Campbell, a socialist agitator, and together they make their way to Glasgow in September 1919 to help the Glasgow Workers’ and Soldiers’ Council realise its idea of a socialist utopia. But when internal and external threats materialise, Scotland unites to emerge as an independent state. But danger is never far off…

Build The State is the first part of the September 1919 trilogy. Told from Tom Reid’s perspective it chronicles his journey from war-torn and influenza-ravaged Europe to his home in Glasgow, and the events that culminate in the founding of an independent, socialist Scotland. However, it is a turbulent time and there are those who seek to subvert the new Scottish ideal.

Build The State is available in ebook format for Kindle (£1.99) and can be downloaded here. If you don’t have a Kindle you can download a free Kindle reader app for any device here.