This is an interesting article, and reinforces what Amazon said recently: only 40 self-published authors are a success. And by ‘success’ they mean ‘make money’. Right at the tip of the cash iceberg there sits a handful of successful self-published authors; the rest of the iceberg consists of writers like me: skint.

And so what? First of all, Amazon couldn’t give a monkey’s who is and who isn’t making money. It’s all money for them. Second, isn’t the wealth distribution not unlike that of traditional publishing anyway? There’s a handful of fat cats at the top of the pile supported by those like me: skint. Here’s another article that says most writers are below the poverty line.

And I suppose it’s true for other creatives. There’s a handful of rich musicians sitting atop the musicians’ iceberg while the rest (and I’ve seen plenty) ply their trade whenever and wherever they can, creating their music and hoping people buy their CDs or download their work. Just so they can get by, or at least make it all worthwhile.

Which is what it’s all about in the end: if you’re hoping to make a living through your work, you’re going to have to make some money. Which is where I’m leaving this: I’ve got a deadline today, but only a chance that I’ll make money from about a week’s work (give or take).

In the meantime, if you’re feeling the need to support a skint writer, have a look at my work. Go on. Download a book. It’ll mean I’ll be able to buy some matches to light the candle I use to huddle over on cold, Edinburgh nights. Like tonight…

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