Keeping Up To Date…

I came across this by accident; a link that followed a link to a blogIt’s Amazon’s KDP updates about the quality of the material they publish. The upshot is, if it’s not up to scratch, it’s out. Which is fine by me. I’ve downloaded some ebook samples that looked as though they’d been written by someone with no head. Or fingers.

And I’m kind-of paranoid about typos. One of my ‘friends’ emailed and said he’d downloaded Build The State, and found five typos. He was kidding. Just a subtle wind up…

Anyway, it’s good, is it not, that Amazon imposes some standards on what gets published? It’s for their benefit too, I suppose, that they want to cut ties with those writers who habitually upload crap to KDP. Worse still – it’s the poor mugs who actually buy it.

I had assumed – because other sites, like smashwords, have a bit of a strict checklist when it comes to uploading work for publication – that Amazon would already had their own guidelines in place and weren’t publishing work riddled with errors. Some of the examples they use suggest they have, and are maybe in some sort of checking process, and removing substandard (as they define it) material.

Just a shame they don’t tell indie publishers – current and potential – that they’re updating their guidelines because the consequences are a bit annoying. Would be nice, Amazon, to be kept informed?

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