Read The Small Print

Despite the recent post about reading the brief I’ve just completed a 3000 word story which doesn’t meet the brief… It was cobbled together from a few ideas I’d had, and I’d still a few left in the tank so I rechecked the submission guidelines to read that yes, yes, I could submit two pieces, so with the stuff left over I could put another submission together.

Then I checked the deadline. Plenty of time. Rechecked I could submit two pieces. Yes, yes. The first prize is as good as mine etc etc. Then something caught my eye:

“We invite science-fiction short stories (and also self-contained novel excerpts) of up to 3000 words that address themes of medicine, health, and illness…” My story was about time travel…

Of course, I could rewrite elements of medicine, health, and illness into the story but that sort-of feels like cheating. I’ll give it a go if I have the proper inclination and the time. The second idea definitely does include elements of health and medicine, although I was a bit annoyed to find this appear in the media. I’m sure it won’t inspire thousands of people to write stories on the same theme but it was my idea first. So steer clear. And don’t forget to read the brief.

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