What To Write

A lot of the get-rich-quick literature out there says that to get-rich-quick writers should write for the market. So if the flavour of the month is vampire erotica then I should be writing vampire erotica. As if…

A quick look on Amazon suggests that there’s a lot of erotica out there right now, and in an effort to find a market niche, people have written a lot of weird niche erotica. I’m not saying that erotica is the genre to be writing; it’s one of hundreds that are currently popular. And if you’re looking for the next big thing (not erotica, please) there’s plenty of dodgy software that is supposed to help writers find that thing. I wouldn’t use it myself and I subscribe to the opinion often voiced in forums that it’s a waste of money.

So, not really fired up by the thought of writing in a genre that’s completely saturated, or trying to figure out what’s going to be hot in 2016, I’m stuck writing my own thing. And you never know; short story collections may become insanely popular (I’m working on my second), or maybe speculative fiction set in Scotland in the 1920s might just pique the interest of the reading masses.

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