Marketing: The Email List

All of the books, blogs and articles I’ve read about marketing an ebook agree that an email list is essential.  An email list allows widespread, targeted information to be sent to its subscribers (or readers). A ready audience, all waiting for the next piece of information or promotion. Sounds great but there are a few stumbling blocks I’ve identified:

  • There isn’t a quick solution. Some websites claim you can buy email lists but this article shows clearly why you shouldn’t even think about it. Nor should you add people/businesses/organisations already in your contacts list to your email list. I know people who’ve done this and I’m sure my reaction to receiving emails from them is the same as most people – it pisses me off and I delete the email. If they use – and most people don’t – email marketing software (EMS) such as mailchimp, I unsubscribe. Anything that offers a quick and easy solution should be avoided.
  • As I add subscribers to the Blind Poetics email list each month, there are always people who unsubscribe. The thing to remember is that, as people show interest in your email list, others will lose interest. It’s nothing personal. Email lists grow, shrink and evolve.
  • It takes time but there are plenty of ways to get people to subscribe to your email list. The thing to remember is that they’ve joined because they want to and are more likely to engage with email content. Things to consider are: adding a subscribe form to websites and social media, getting people to follow/subscribe to a blog, tempting subscribers with promotions and giveaways, interacting with people through social media and blogs.  

If this has inspired you to subscribe to my own email list you can do so here. And if you’ve any great ideas on how to grow an email list I’d love to read them.

3 thoughts on “Marketing: The Email List

    1. To be honest I can easily manage my current email list on my own as it still numbers in single figures. I’ll get to mailchimp when it reaches the tens of thousands.

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