2015: Highlights

Here’s what I’ll loosely term 2015’s highlights:

First on the list is Blind Poetics. We’ve (that’s Roddy Shippin and myself) made it into Year 5 and have maintained our ‘no feature booked twice’ policy. We also made it through our second slam and another Big Night of Spoken Word, although we’ve pretty much decided that we won’t be doing another…And we’ve continued to bring new people to spoken word, kept up our high audience numbers, and fostered our warm and friendly welcoming-ness. And we’re quite possibly the longest continuing spoken word event in Scotland too.

I’d been invited to a few spoken word events myself, including Tricolour, the Poetry Circus, Boundary, 10Red, and the Anti-Slam. I was also invited to judge a few slams too, which was great fun.

2015 has been the year of no submissions following the fiasco with a certain literary magazine. With the exception of Freak Circus

Although I did co-write, co-produce and co-perform in a Fringe show, Edinburgh in the Shadows. We’ve (that’s Max Scratchmann and myself) got together to perform it a number of times outwith the Fringe and we’re looking to re-jig it for 2016, with a possible outing at the Kelburne Festival on the cards.

I managed to get a new website up and running after the previous hosts decided to charge me almost £3k for my domain name.

I ditched a contract offered by an agent to go it alone and publish my work independently. In October I published a collection of short stories, Mendacities, and in December I published the first part of my September 1919 trilogy, Build The State. I’m new to the whole process of independent publishing but it looks like it’s what I’m going to be concentrating on during 2016.

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